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Women over 50, typically in a menopausal or premenopausal state, may see amazing benefits from adding the gym in to their weekly schedule.

“Increased energy, boosted mood and lowered risk of heart disease can be expected,” says Personal Trainer Melissa Vickers. “Not to mention living a longer life!”

While exercising in general is beneficial, Melissa says linking up with a Personal Trainer to chat about their options can be especially helpful for women in their 50’s and up.

“There are changes happening in their bodies that they may not even be aware of,” explains Melissa. “Bone density loss is a huge factor to take into consideration.”

Another factor to take in to consideration? Posture!

“When humans began to age, they typically see a decline in physical activity,” explains Personal Trainer Tony Nguyen, BSc. Kinesiology. “This leads to core and postural weakness that can lead to lower back pain, hip pain and soreness in the knees.”

Tony suggests that one of the best remedies for this issue is to simply start walking 30-45 minutes a day, an effort that will promote bone and joint health, improve circulation, increase energy, improve sleep and aid in weight loss.

Since it’s harder to lose weight as you age, frequency in the beginning is important.

“People like to do things that they are good at and things that are fun,” says Tony. “As their frequency improves, I focus on intensity.” It’s about progression, one could expect to begin with 20 minutes of working hard and gradually work their way up to 35 or 45 minutes.

“Trainers are always changing up clients programs so that they don’t hit a plateau,” explains Melissa. “Keeping the intensity at a comfortable yet challenging level is ideal for any client in their 50’s.”

For many women, especially first timers, the gym can be intimidating.

“The Ladies Only section a great tool to encourage new members and can be used as a stepping stone in their fitness journey,” says Tony. “I’ve found women feel extremely comfortable to push themselves in the ladies only area,” adds Melissa.

As women become more comfortable with their workout program, they often transition to the main floor and continue to progress their workouts.

“Training is about feeling good about yourself, and I hope women over 50 realize that it’s never too late to start training,” says Tony. “It’s not how old you are, it’s how old you feel!”

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  1. I am a senior; I am 62 years young and I am looking for a place to help with weight loss and strengthening, however funds are limited and I am wondering what it would cost me to have some training and help.

    1. Hi Jacqueline, our rates do vary depending on what location you attend and training rates do depend on the level of trainer. If you let us know which location you want we can connect with a member of our team from that specific location : ) Yours in good health, World Health Fitness Clubs

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