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It’s time to celebrate the strong, bold, fearless, compassionate, gentle, impressively multitasking and beautiful women in our lives. Mother’s Day isn’t just to celebrate the woman who gave birth to you, but to appreciate all the caring, protective and kind women in your life. We’ve rounded up our top 5 picks from local fitness stores that cater to her taking time for herself; her body and her mind.

1.) Armband, $30: This Neoprene armband from Lolë will keep her phone or iPod safe so she can jam out and stay connected while she’s at the gym. Consider playing DJ and pairing it with a custom workout playlist with upbeat songs that make you think of her!

2.) Gym Bag, $89: This sporty gym bag from Keylime Athletic Wear is made to fit all her necessities (and then some). With waterproof zippers, a detachable shoulder strap and internal protective pockets, this bag will keep her organized and make getting out the door for a 7am workout a little easier.

3.) Workout Towel, $25: She’ll get a kick out of this cheeky workout towel from Elevate Active Wear. It’s made to fit perfectly over a workout bench and can also double as a scarf! P.S. *Phew!* No fuss here, it’s machine washable.

4.) Post Workout Dress, $90: Let her enhance that just-worked-out-glow with this sexy, flowy dress available in 7 different colours. The dress is made from an eco-friendly moisture wicking blend of 3 fabrics that work together to make sure the mother in your life is cool, dry and comfortable.

5.) Dead Sea Bath Salt, $35: Give her the gift of relaxation with locally made bath salts specifically meant to soothe those tired, sore, just-crushed-leg-day muscles.


What fitness-inspired gifts are at the top of your wish list? Let us know!

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