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Trainer: Danielle Edge

Club: Mayfield

I have been training with Danielle since July 2014, while I have been training with her I have seen multiple results! Some of the many results is the overall toning of my body, breaking through my plateau (which I have been fighting with for over 4 months), and being able to lift heavier weights. My short time with Danielle has changed my life completely.

My experience with Danielle has been fantastic. She pushes me harder everyday which helps me keep to my goals as well as helping me find healthy foods that are easy to prepare. She is amazing to be around, always smiling and very easy to get along with. Whenever I have a bad day at work, she gets me to train hard to get all my frustration out as well as listening to my problems. Who said you need a therapist I have my trainer!

Danielle also knows that my body adapts to workouts very quickly, she is constantly changing up our routines to keep my body guessing. She is no longer just my trainer she is my good friend. I would recommend Danielle to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer.

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