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Club: Gateway

Trainer: Jessika Sareault

Jessika has been one of the best trainers I’ve been able to work with, by far! She understands all of my physical weaknesses and limitations then puts a lot of time and effort into helping me improve in every area. I’ve noticed a huge difference in the time she’s been training me, and not just in the gym – my work performance has improved drastically.  I have better stamina than I can ever remember having! I’ve become a much better horseback rider because I’m that much stronger and better balanced. I also don’t have any serious issues with my back anymore, and I sleep through the night almost every night (which hasn’t happened in a very, very long time). Jessika definitely has the patience of a saint, coaching me through step by step any time I’ve hit a mental block with a particular exercise. She definitely makes the workouts heaps of fun while still making sure I work my butt off!

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