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Club: Sherwood Park 

Trainer: Quinn McElveen

“My name is Danielle, and currently I go to World Health Sherwood Park. Over the last four months I have worked extremely hard with Quinn to reach my goals. I like to believe my goals for the 60 day transformation challenge were not in the typical realm of the fitness world, i.e. not being exclusively aimed towards fat loss. My goals were to gain knowledge about training as well as gain overall strength. 

I, like many, have been a victim of diets, overeating and undereating which resulted in fluctuating weight. It has been difficult to find a happy medium which lead to a very negative self-image. This challenge gave me the opportunity to change my view of the gym, and coming to World Health has allowed me to meet awesome likeminded people. They say if you surround yourself with positive people you will lead a more positive life, and I have become a firm believer in this. WH Sherwood Park has such an awesome atmosphere that it truly has allowed me to get back to the social individual I used to be. The staff are so welcoming and you really feel like part of the family! 

Working with Quinn has been a wonderful experience, I cannot say enough about her! Quinn is inspirational and extremely supportive. She has helped me to set and achieve goals, then improve on what I have already accomplished. What she has taught me is so much more than the proper form of a deadlift. Her lessons parallel life; once you reach your goal you are not finished, you create a new goal and always have room to improve. My transformation has truly occurred on so many levels and I am so grateful for the opportunity, it has changed me for the better inside and out! For the first time in a really long time I feel like I am myself again.”

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