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Club: City Center 

Trainer: Ian Wheat 

I have been training with Ian twice a week for the past 8 months and the results “we” have achieved so far are incredible! These results were definitely achieved because of our team effort; with Ian’s dedication, knowledge, constant encouragement, unwavering support and my hard work, red face & sweat, those results have far exceeded my expectations. Since September 2014, I have lost 24lbs, 29 inches and 8% body fat.

Ian thoroughly explains the exercise that I am doing, what muscle(s) I’m working and looks for feedback from me to ensure that the desired effect is achieved.  He is conscious of my limits while challenging me every single session.  Ian has introduced me to a world of lifting weights and I’m continuously amazed that picking something up and putting it back down can be so rewarding.  Thanks Ian for all you do!


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