Share the health

There are 2 simple ways to get your hands on some of this awesome swag!

  • Refer-A-Friend who joins World Health
  • Refer 10 names of people who may be interested in joining World Health – fill in the form below!

World Health is one of Edmonton’s leading private fitness clubs. One thing we have learned about fitness success over the past 29 years is that you are more likely to succeed with your fitness goals when you work out with a friend.

Benefits include:

  • coming to the gym is less scary when you are with a friend
  • you can hold each other accountable for your work outs
  • your friendship bond will strengthen as you share the benefits of healthy living together

When considering someone for a referral, you may have friends, family members, or co-workers that come to mind. Please tell us a bit about your referrals in the form below.

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