A Personal Trainer at World Health is responsible for integrating members into their new lifestyle, ensuring they have the tools they need to utilize the club reach their fitness goals.

About the Position:

A Personal Trainer is responsible for training clients directly and creating programs that they can follow when exercising alone. They will be their client coach toward their fitness potential. Other responsibilities include:

  • Creating new relationships and strengthening existing ones with members on our workout floor
  • Actively prospecting for new clients daily by building relationships with our members and getting referrals from existing clients
  • Following up with new members to ensure they are achieving their goals and using their membership
  • Design and teach members effective programs to complement their personal training sessions
  • Lead fun, dynamic and inspiring Personal Training sessions, ensuring your clients achieve the session frequency they need to obtain results

Why train with World Health?

  • World Health pays your liability insurance.
  • We offer an amazing continuing education program that will allow you to grow and develop your skills.
  • Access to thousands of members and check-ins per month.
  • Clients are able to finance Personal Training packages.
  • World Health pays vacation and statutory holiday pay. Independent contracts miss out on income when not working.
  • World Health provides base pay to get you started while you build your client base.
  • World Health provides instruction and mentoring so you are successful.
  • World Health Personal Trainers can earn a top income, even over six-figures.
  • On our amazing team, you’re surrounded by people just like you. It’s a great atmosphere.

What if I’m interested in becoming a Personal Trainer, but I’m not yet certified?

World Health Personal Trainers are among the best in the industry; however, we all need to start somewhere.
We have developed a formal internship program, where you’ll learn from some of our veterans and be put in the path toward certification. Please include your fitness background and cover letter, and your application will be considered.


Certified Personal Trainers or those with a background in Kinesiology or Physical Education will be given preference in applications. Other important qualifications include:

  • A background, love, and passion for fitness. Please include this on your resume/cover letter.
  • The ability to easily build relationships is essential
  • We highly prefer full time availability; however, part-time applications are considered with a minimum of 20 hours per week availability