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“My highest weight that I recorded was 232 pounds, although I definitely weighed more than that,” explains Angie. “I just refused to get on the scale.”

Angie Martin from World Health Edmonton has had an incredible transformation over the last several years that was unfortunately jumpstarted by a health scare.

“In 2006 I got a loud thumping noise in my head that wouldn’t stop. The doctors were telling me that it was my thyroid and that I wasn’t taking my medications as prescribed, although I was,” recalls Angie. “I was getting horrible headaches that wouldn’t stop. By 2008 I thought that stress was causing my headaches… until my vision started declining.”

This scared Angie enough to book an appointment with an eye doctor in Edmonton.

“He took one look in my eye and saw papilledema swelling and hemorrhaging in my eye. I went to an opthoneurologist and they told me I has psuedo-tumor cerebri and stenosis,” says Angie. “He said the best treatment (aside from medication) was to lose weight.”

Though she understood the need, it only caused her to fall deeper into depression.

“I ate birthday cake and cinnamon buns for almost every meal. Two weeks after my diagnosis I got another call from the doctor saying that I had Adenoca Carcinoma,” says Angie.

It was a few years after that that Angie started to see her weight as a serious health concern.

“I was told at every specialist appointment that I needed to lose the weight,” remembers Angie. “The damage to my eyes was becoming permanent.”

She finally took a leap and brought the elliptical that had been collecting dust in the garage into her home.

“I went on it and thought I was going to die,” she says. “I felt like I had gone for 2 hours but when I looked at the time only 1 minute and 20 seconds had passed.”

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It took a while but eventually Angie built up the nerve to get a gym membership at World Health.

“Deciding to go with a personal trainer was the best thing I ever did,” insists Angie. “They will push you to where you might not believe you can go.”

Angie has had an incredible transformation after shedding about 104 pounds at World Health, but that’s not to say she isn’t without her challenges today.

“The loose skin is my biggest challenge emotionally,” says Angie. “It is very, very expensive to remove and I am not able to cover it at this point.”

Food and proper eating is still a struggle for Angie, but she does her best to achieve balance.

” I try my best to eat very regularly and make the healthiest choices, but I never deprive myself totally. This way I stay happy and on track!”

After living so many years with excess weight, Angie feels the weight loss has yet to truly sink in.

“I bought a 2X (plus size) coat online because in my head I am still obese.”

Today Angie continues to work out on her own as well as with her trainer at World Health 3 times a week.

“I like to develop my own challenges. Pull ups, splits and running are my current goals,” she says. “New goals keep me motivated!”

This summer Angie started jogging outside with her dog, and sometimes still can’t believe how far she has come.
“A year ago, if someone told me I would jog around the lake I would have laughed at them!”
She offers some final words of advice for someone just starting out.
“Start small. I started with 2 minutes and worked my way up. Don’t get discouraged by the scale, eat breakfast every day and GET A TRAINER.”
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  1. Angie’s results are totally amazing. It goes to show what can happen when a person makes a decision to change and finds a trainer who can support and help achieve the desired results. I see Angie at the gym and her personality shines through to match her new physique. You go girl!

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