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For fitness professionals, nothing is more disappointing than knowing that there are many people who make the all-important and difficult decision to start a fitness program but then don’t see the results they are looking for and ultimately throw in the towel. So why do people fail at getting fit? Is it really that hard?

The answer is “yes”……and “no”. Getting results with your fitness program can be hard….well, more like complex – just like everything else in your body, there are no simple answers. However, there are ways to make this significantly easier and less complex if you’re willing to embrace two simple concepts:

1. Be Honest With Yourself and Ask For Help

Go to any gym and you’ll typically run into 3 types of people:
“Don’t talk to me”

they know what they want to do with their program and they know how their body works. Ultimately, they want a clean gym and good customer service.

“Give me direction”

they also want a clean gym and good customer service but only have 45 minutes to an hour and they want direction with their program. They don’t care why they do it – they just want directions.

“Educate me”

they want what 1 and 2 want, but they also want an education on what they can do away from the gym to change their lifestyle. They want direction on their nutrition and they want to know what they are doing and why they are doing it.

The reason a lot of people fail is because their perception of which group they fit into is incorrect. In other words, they are actually person 2 or 3 (Give me direction and education) but think they are person 1.

This classic mistaken self-realization leads them to reject the help that is available and designed specifically to guide and motivate people just like them. As a result, they refuse to book and/or choose to not show for any of the sessions included in their onboarding process. The reason they give is that they are going to try it themselves before they get help. They go hard at the start, hit nothing but the treadmills, and get frustrated by not seeing any results. Eventually, stats show that after 30 days this person gets fed up and quits. In the end, they end up quitting because they either can’t motivate themselves or just don’t know what it is they need to do to get results.

There is a well-known fact in the industry – 90% of the people that get the results they were looking for when they first came to the gym took part in the programs or services of the club.

People need to be honest with themselves and get the help they need. That means doing things like:
– Going to an initial Fitness Consultation
– Using Group Fitness Classes
– Participating in one-on-one or group personal training.

Or even just little things like asking a personal trainer for help on the floor.

It’s sad – people getting over the anxiety of getting started and failing because they’re too scared or insecure to ask for help.

2. Involve Your Friends

The second biggest mistake is trying to go it alone! Fitness is complex and difficult and let’s be honest, for most people that act of getting your but kicked is not something they look forward to. That’s why people have to give themselves other reasons to show up. It isn’t just for the workout or results, but ultimately for social interaction.

By involving friends and family in your journey – who not only support you in making lifestyle changes – but are willing to go along with you on the journey, gives you the best chance of success in reaching your goals. In other words, it’s not just people at home who encourage a person – but more so friends and family who will go with you and keep you accountable to going. When a person’s social life becomes intertwined with the gym or whatever fitness routine you choose, it makes it a lot easier to come.

That’s why when you join a gym they try to give you VIP referral passes to also get your friends involved. It’s not about selling more memberships. It’s enabling you to create a support network that will make you successful.

Fitness Professionals typically get into the industry not for the money but for the satisfaction of working with motivated individuals who are going to do what it takes to make real life changes. In other words, they feel great only when you’re successful. Next time you’re in the gym, grab one of them by the arm and talk to them about what you’re doing for your program and how you can get your friends involved – my guess is that they’ll be more than willing to help!

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