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Sometimes, there is nothing more frightening than starting something new. You don’t know exactly what to do or where to go and if left the choice, you often choose to skip it. Making changes in your life always include more obstacles than we can predict. If you really want to see the results you dream about, you’re going to have to show up and get through it. Trust me it get’s easier.
Here are some ideas for how to prepare and make any transition easier on yourself.

Ignore the voice inside your head!

It just wants you to return to something familiar and comfortable. You can try meditation or quiet time to clear your head if it gets overwhelming. The focus here is really trying to create a positive outlook whenever you can. Remind yourself of why you decided to try this new thing and that the sacrifice is worth it!

Rope in a Friend

What else are friends good for! The experience is going to be a lot easier if you aren’t alone. For those times where you wondered if you were crazy or, “did that person really say that?” – now you can ask someone else about it. It might not be a great experience but now you have someone to laugh about it with. If it is something you both want, you’ve started to build a support network and are more likely to succeed! Congratulations.

Pay Attention to the Little Successes

Okay, so it’s your first visit at the gym. Just getting there is a win. You talked with a stranger about your personal goals and yea it was awkward but you’ve got a better idea of what you’ll need to do to succeed. Maybe, it’s your second time back and you know how some of the equipment works and why you’re using it. You’re doing fine. Everyone who ever achieved what you want to achieve started where you are now. Remember that.

Document How You Feel Afterwards

These tips have been about getting through situations and avoiding things that might prevent you from doing it. What if the new experience isn’t a good one or it wasn’t what you wanted? Now is the time to reflect and see what was just you trying to stop yourself from making a healthy change and what was actually not so great. If it went great, writing down how you felt will also work as a great reminder to yourself the next time the voice in your head tells you to stay on the couch.

Reward Yourself

Find ways to make sure you want to do it again. Been wanting to buy a new pair of shoes or a new video game? Don’t let yourself buy them until you finally do what you’ve promised yourself you’d do for months. That feeling of earning something is addictive and soon you’ll be finding ways to connect all of your favourite things to uncomfortable situations. It’s a great tool for changing behaviour.

It’s time to get out and try the things you’ve always wanted to. Don’t be scared this is going to be great. Maybe you’ll find your new passion or meet some great like-minded people. The possibilities are endless!

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