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Alright Edmonton, we want to talk about wedding season! Our Facebook feeds are flooded with gorgeous gowns, rings and romantic words while our calendars are booked solid all summer long with impending I do‘s. Since we often meet ladies looking to shape up once that engagement ring is on their finger, we caught up with personal trainer Hannah Hayes to get the scoop on personal training for brides.

“Brides who come in for training commonly just want to look good in their dress and feel beautiful on their special day,” says Hannah.

While every bride’s goals will vary, it’s important to be realistic and give yourself ample time to see the results you want.

“The ‘right’ time to begin training for your wedding depends on where you’re starting from,” says Hannah. “If you have quite a bit of weight to lose, 1 year will give you that time to drop it slowly and healthily. If you only want to make some ‘small’ adjustments, two months of commitment and focus is a healthy amount of time.”

Once you’ve set your goal, it’s time to get moving!

“I get my brides to train legs a lot so they are burning more calories as well as releasing the natural human growth hormone that will help other muscles in their body to develop,” says Hannah. “We also focus on shoulders and back for good posture and a tight upper body so they can feel good and breathe easy in their dress.”

In addition to personal training sessions, Hannah has her brides doing H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) 2-3x’s a week on their own.

Personal trainer Matt Gilbert bride Rachel stopped by the place they first met on their wedding day: the gym!

Personal trainer Matt Gilbert and his bride Rachel stopped by World Health where they first met for a few photos on the day of their wedding.

“While they are training with me they focus on lifting heavy,” explains Hannah. “As well as a lot of compound movements and some metabolic conditioning.”

Alyssa Kanhai, owner of Pure Bridal in Edmonton, also weighed in, stating that a weight loss goal is one of the biggest factors that comes into play when a bride is deciding on a size.

“We recommend ordering what size they currently fit,” says Alyssa. “If weight is lost, generally a dress can be taken down two sizes safely.”

While Hannah recommends two months of hard work and dedication to reach smaller weight loss goals, Alyssa actually insists that number is doubled.

“It takes about two months for the alteration process,” explains Alyssa.”A bride needs to be at her goal weight about two months before the wedding for the alterations to be started- the wedding date is not the goal date.”

There is understandably going to be some unpredictability when it comes to sizing and weight loss, but Alyssa has a few more tips to make life a little easier for the bride (and the seamstress).

“Try to set goals with inches and not weight, as we decide on sizes in inches,” says Alyssa. “It’s hard to make prediction on sizing when women lose weight in different parts of their body.” Alyssa also recommends that a bride choose a lace-up dress to allow for some fluctuation in her weight.

Ultimately, the goal is to feel good on your big day and events like bridal showers, stagettes and the wedding itself are meant to be fully enjoyed.

“As their trainer, I want them to enjoy all of these events and not stress over it,” says Hannah. “As long as they are sticking to their good eating and solid workouts all of the other days of the week, then an extra brownie or some chips is not going to throw off their progress.”

Did you set weight loss goals before your wedding?




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