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“When I work out with someone, I feel less intimidated by the people around me,” says Chris Reeve, a member at World Health Edmonton and publisher at Edmonton’s Child Magazine. “I’m shy, so having someone I know working out with me makes me feel less self conscious.”

Chris definitely has the right idea, but feeling comfortable is just one of the many benefits of having a gym buddy!

“The top three benefits in my opinion are accountability, motivation and healthy competition,” says World Health Edmonton personal Trainer Devon Chang.

Having a like-minded workout partner is huge for keeping you accountable.

Chris Reeve putting in work with her gym buddy Jen.

Chris Reeve putting in work with her gym buddy Jen.

“On the days where you just don’t feel like working out or keeping up with the program, your gym buddy can step in and give you a swift kick in the butt and provide you a pep-talk worthy of being in the Super Bowl,” adds Devon. “It goes both ways too, so make sure you pick someone who you can have that tough conversation with from time to time; you’ll bond so much because of it.”

Having someone to work out with is motivating and will likely reduce the amount of times you say “Nah, not today,” to the gym.

“It’s also beneficial because they often do things differently than you,” says Chris Reeve of her workout buddy. “They might work on different things so you get to change up the workout a little and see how they do it.”

Not only is the company of your gym buddy great, but building a healthy-habit-based friendship is beneficial on many levels. Megan Harris, a member at World Health Edmonton, trains hard year round alongside her sister Kayla.

“She’s definitely my emotional anchor because those immediately close to me don’t share my love for the gym,” explains Megan. “I can call her and tell her I’m having a crappy day because I left my chicken at home and she’ll get it when others won’t.”

Devon frequently trains his clients in pairs, something that is often appealing for people looking to dip their toes into training.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 1.23.15 PM“Group training tends to fit most people’s budget and eliminates most reasons as to why they cannot start the process of self-improvement,” he says. “Find a like-minded person who want the same as you and seek help from any of the amazing trainers here at World Health- let’s get this thing done!”

Though having a buddy at the gym has a ton of benefits, Devon does warn against it turning into all fun and games.

“Keep your rest times on point and be diligent in not getting caught up in conversation,” he explains. “That being said, the environment has to be fun- just keep it productive.”

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