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The month of May in Edmonton brought us one of the most memorable displays of the Northern Lights and finally some warm weather! We are looking forward to jumping into some hot summer days out in the community.

Last month, maintenance of our equipment was an area you highlighted in your feedback. As we mentioned in our last entry, pristinely clean clubs is one of our brand initiatives. Alongside re-vamping our Clean Team schedules to improve productivity, our Maintenance Team has also been enhanced.

We have created two teams of two to support us in our facility and equipment maintenance at our 9 locations. Monday through Friday, each team is scheduled to visit a club to address any maintenance concerns that have been entered into our system called Maintenance Connection.

This system allows for our club level staff to enter any equipment or facility issues that need attention the next time their team members are in. Our staff also has the ability to set high priority on items that need to be looked at first. With an understanding of the equipment in our clubs that you use the most, we aim to address any high priority issues in a timely manner. We want for you to be able to get your workout done and with that, equipment maintenance is certainly of high value to us!

With maintenance as an area we can continue to improve upon, you had also shared your thoughts on our service achievements! Last month, you felt we succeeded in three main areas club wide – providing a welcoming atmosphere, delivering on great customer service and our staff members offering high value with their efforts to support you in your fitness journey. Thank you for your continued communication with us!

Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) continues to be an important driver for our success as a brand and truly helps us understand what you are looking for with World Health as your health club of choice! We earned an NPS of 32 last month:

With a company goal of achieving an NPS of 50, we still have some work to do to reach our target! The great news is that you felt our cleanliness has improved, as this was no longer a top area of opportunity for us based on your feedback. We continue to see a positive trend line with our NPS, and believe that our enhanced maintenance team members and schedule will allow for us to ensure your workouts are accomplished with ease.

Look out for our Maintenance Team, dressed in black button ups, and be sure to share your feedback with them at the club. They love hearing from you!

Talk to you soon!

Jabeen Mohamed


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