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You may be thinking to yourself, what makes World Health different from any other gym in Edmonton? Is there anything that truly sets us apart? Anyone can rent a space, lease equipment and open their doors, but not every facility offers consistent, genuine, caring hospitality.

Although 98% of people know and understand that exercising is beneficial to their health, only 10% are actually involved in fitness. At World Health Edmonton, we strive to do everything in our power to ensure our members actually enjoy being at our clubs and are supported in reaching their goals. We consistently seek out opportunities to be of service and our smiles are always at the ready!

As part of our initiative to elevate our members’ experiences, we have a Manager of Member Engagement (MME). As MME, my intention is to leave you feeling better than when you walked in our clubs. From the moment you enter our doors, a Receptionist welcomes you by name, a clean change room is stocked with amenities for you to utilize, a tidy gym floor awaits you for your workout and a friendly face wishes you a warm farewell on your way out. The majority of my efforts are focussed on checking in with you and allowing you the opportunity to share your feedback! Being that we are locally owned and operated, one of the best parts of my job is that I get to recommend improvements for our company based on your suggestions! You want to be part of a club that takes your opinions into account when making decisions.

What we know for certain is that you are much more likely to see results if you come to visit us regularly. That being said, we also understand that without proper support, your goals can and will fall off track. Since we value the investment you have made to improve your health and fitness, we absolutely will be checking in with you throughout your time with us! We notice when we haven’t seen you at the club in a while, and we will do everything in our power to better support you and book you in for your next visit.

According to customer service Guru Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, features and amenities may entice customers to visit once, but it’s the quality of the interaction they have with your staff that encourages them to return. By checking in with you regularly to ensure you are feeling supported, and are leaving our club feeling better than when you walked in, we aim to partner with you to help you see success!

In our efforts to stay engaged with you, you may receive a survey from us every once in a while! Our surveys allow for us to better understand the details of your experience and the likelihood that you would recommend us to someone that you know.

Based on the score and feedback you provide us with on our survey, we are able to establish what’s called a Net Promoter Score. The long and the short of it is this: we are setting out to create raving fans of our business. So, if you are likely to recommend us, that means we are doing something right! That being said, we acknowledge that things do sometimes go wrong at the club. By completing our survey, we are able to track our service achievements alongside our areas of opportunity.

Since starting to track our Net Promoter Score back in November of 2014, it is exciting to see our member base consist of more raving fans as we enter 2017!

While we are enthusiastic about our positive trending Net Promoter Score, we are not done yet! I still continue to track your feedback each month, and am eager to partner with you to allow us to provide the optimal experience for all our high value members.

All work is honourable. Member Engagement is our company initiative that is a united effort, starting with our Executive Management, trickling down to each staff member we have at our clubs. We know we aren’t perfect and are working hard alongside our members to identify any areas of opportunity. Most importantly, we aim to actually take action on elevating our members’ experiences based on your feedback!

So, is there anything that truly sets World Health apart from our competition? According to our research, you have identified that a premium experience at a health club is defined by customer service. Since we are club that absolutely cares what you think, one of our key signature items as a brand is our consistent, genuine, caring hospitality – and we’re certain this will distinguish us from other brands.

By keeping you engaged with your workout routine, asking for honest feedback and offering support and advice, we aim to set you up for ultimate success. We are in this together!

The truth is… we can’t sell our way to success – instead, we are striving to provide the best possible customer service to each and every member or guest that visits our clubs to the best of our ability! We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Jabeen Mohamed                       

To learn more about our Manager of Member Engagement, click here!

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