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Eventually, it happens to us all. One day you wake up, you look at yourself in the mirror and no longer like what you see. Maybe you notice your pants are getting smaller (it’s not the dryer shrinking them), or you haven’t seen your toes in months. You know in your heart it’s time to make a change.
If you are reading this, there is a good chance you are thinking about getting started on your fitness goals. We have seen it in thousands of clients. You get so disturbed at where you are right now that you will do anything to change it. The sad truth is many people reading this will never see the results they desire. Throughout their journey, they end up losing motivation or simply, life gets in the way.
If you can relate to this, we have a question for you. What if you didn’t need any motivation to get the results you want? What if working out was not such a big commitment? How much more successful would you be?
There is a secret to success in the gym. There is one powerful idea that, if you follow it, will give you better results and push you further than you ever thought you could.

Do Something You Really Enjoy

As trainers, we’re often asked what the best workout is for a specific goal. After years in the industry, we still can’t answer that question. If we give you a workout or a program that is the most efficient, most effective on paper and you hate the exercises you just won’t do the workouts. Even if you force yourself to do them, you won’t be able to put the kind of effort it takes to get your body to adapt and transform.
Conversely, if I give you something you really enjoy, you’re not just going to do the program, you are going to thrive on it. The workouts will be a challenge, but they will also be fun. The dread you felt about coming in to workout becomes transformed in to excitement. As crazy as it may sound, you might even begin to daydream about your next workout. This is when your results become incredible. You don’t need motivation when you have something that you like doing.
So how do we make exercise more enjoyable? Everyone is different but here are some tips:

1. Make it Social

The most common way to make exercise more enjoyable is to do it with someone else. Many people start by having a gym buddy to go with them, alternatively, you can join a group class or even get a personal trainer to help with getting started and keep your routine from getting stagnant.

2. Find a Way to Be Successful Every Day

One of the major setbacks with exercise is that most people’s goals take months to achieve. Often times, just setting daily achievable goals can help keep the momentum going during the days where long-term results seem so far away.

3. Start Small and Be Compassionate

If exercising was easy, everyone would be in great shape. To get results you are trying to challenge your body to do things it can’t do right now. Be compassionate if things don’t go smoothly. Some days, just showing up is a huge accomplishment.

4. Be Consistent

Set a plan that you know you can be consistent with. Even if 5 days a week will give you better results, if you can’t be consistent with 5 days, you are better off committing to fewer days. A 2 day a week program that you are consistent with will always give you better results than a 5 day a week program you do occasionally.

5. Have Fun

Exercise and movement is natural. Our bodies crave it. If it ever starts feeling like a chore, you are doing it wrong. Take a step back and look for ways to make it fun again.

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