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Goal setting, building a routine, self-motivating and time are great ways to develop a healthy lifestyle. BUT, what if you don’t have TIME? With the new Hollywood workout plan, you can now condense every difficult decision, every overcome obstacle, and every early morning into just 5 minutes. For just millions of dollars and hundreds of hours with a great editor, you can finally see results quickly! Check out some of these great testimonials.

5. Luke Skywalker – Tatooine

“The Rebel Alliance was outmatched and Jedi training is known for its complexity. I needed results and I needed them fast. Lives depended on it. Most people think training is all physical but there is so much mental development involved. The Hollywood workout program took everything I needed and condensed it into just five minutes! 100% would recommend”

4. Jordan O’Neill – U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!

“The odds are stacked against you. Everyone’s already actively working against you and you can’t even find decent facilities to get your sweat on. Thanks Hollywood workout program. Five minutes from now they won’t know what hit em”

3. Bruce Wayne – Gotham City

“With all the obligations of a millionaire playboy, who even has the time? Luckily for Gotham, what I do have is a ton of money and I know how to use it. When I heard about the Hollywood workout program, it seemed too good to be true. However, the stats speak for themselves. The city is no longer plagued by maniacs, violent crime is down, and I look better than ever.”

2. Fa Mulan – China 206 BC

“I won’t be left behind. There was nothing left to do but try it. In five minutes the recruits were fit, competent and we had overcome their differences. We were finally ready. Don’t waste anymore time. Who knows what it will cost you.”

1. Rocky Balboa – Philadelphia

“Well ya, you know I heard tons of guys talking about this sort of thing. But it aint always what it seems ya know? This guy gets involved in this and that but at the end of the day he’s just another guy who never made much of anything. I didn’t have much of a choice though did I? I was gonna have to take a beating and I definitely wouldn’t have made it another round without the Hollywood workout plan. Just do it already would ya?”

Hopefully this is a little fun motivation for you to stay active this weekend! Have a great weekend Edmonton. Here’s a bonus because how can any montage list not include this piece of cinematic gold.

Bonus Ren – Footloose

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