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There is plenty of research supporting the fact that having a gym buddy helps immensely with motivation and accountability, two factors that are important for anyone competing in a fitness competition. But how about if that gym buddy is your identical twin sister, who is also competing?! Meet Megan and Kayla, two sisters who have fallen in love with the world of fitness.

“I know that a lot of people might assume that being twins I would feel extremely competitive towards her or always feel like I need to do better than her, but it’s comforting to have her by my side,” says Megan Harris. “I can tell that she feels much the same way about me. There’s room for everyone in this sport and it personally makes me extremely happy to see her growth from where she’s been.”

Megan described herself as “quite heavy, but not overweight by any means” prior to venturing in to the gym, but it was her physical limitations that bothered her more.

“I played soccer for most of my life and my coach actually stopped putting me on the field because I was unable to keep up with the pace of the game,” admits Megan. “I lost a bunch of weight, was obsessed with cardio, hardly ate anything and was striving to be as thin as possible.”

This method of weight loss wasn’t sustainable or healthy for Megan, and she knew it.


Left: Megan’s first photo she sent to her coach prior to training for competition. Right: On stage at Northerns 2015

“I eventually became very curious about weight lifting, so I started my own program and began lifting weights,” she says. “The fitness world really took off on Instragram and as I began following lots of women who lifted weights and competed, I wanted to compete too!”

That was about 2 and a half years ago, and Megan signed up for her first bikini competition last year.

“I placed in the top ten in my first competition, took a year to build more muscle, hired a new coach, and competed this past year,” says Megan. “I placed 3rd in my height class, and qualified for Provincials!”

Kayla on the other hand dove in to body building after watching Megan’s journey with it.

“My sister inspired me. I had this fake idea around fitness and what it was like to be healthy,” admits Kayla. “I rarely ate, started running all the time, the classic starving cardio bunny story you hear getting thrown around a lot.”

When Megan asked Kayla to join her at the gym one day she obliged.

Left: Kayla at her heaviest. Right: The night before her first competition

Left: Kayla at her heaviest. Right: The night before her first competition

“I was hooked from that moment on. I remember sitting there trying to curl 5-7.5 pound weights and having a hard time,” says Kayla. “I had zero muscle definition, zero confidence, and zero idea what I was doing,” she says of her first few weeks in the gym.”

At her heaviest Kayla weighed 180 pounds and during difficult times she would turn to food for comfort.

“I couldn’t imagine being in that position again, I feel so grateful and blessed to have found this lifestyle.” says Kayla. “I worked my tail off and competed for the first time at Northerns in May. It was an amazing experience!”

Kayla speaks passionately about going for your goals and allowing yourself to be a beginner. With her newfound confidence, she can’t picture her life without the gym.

“I love having the opportunity to pass along my knowledge to her and help her progress in her prep,” adds Megan.

The twins have gained an impressive following on social media with a combined number of nearly 23 thousand followers. Instagram is their outlet to share progress pictures, meal prep, competition photos and the odd peek into their personal lives.

“I think the growth has just been from a gradual accumulation of years of loving health and fitness,” says Megan. “I know that people are inspired by us and for that I am truly humbled,” adds Kayla.

Not only are Megan and Kayla best friends and workout partners, but they’re dabbling in a little business together too!

“The inspiration behind Double Take Doughnuts is twofold,” says Megan. “We’ve realize that the fitness industry has expanded vastly. IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) is really big and with that you’re able to fit once “taboo” foods into your diet. So it’s a play off of the fact that we are identical twins and our concept is offering both healthy, protein packed doughnuts as well as their less healthy counterparts…. a “double take” on the same doughnut.”

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 11.09.05 AM

Right now Double Take Doughnuts is in its start up phase but the twins hope to start popping up at markets around Edmonton this winter. Can’t wait? Catch them at the Santa’s Little Helpers Christmas Shopping Extravaganza at the River Cree on November 15th!

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