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For many people, this is a real and valid concern. We’ve all had a friend who’s entered into a cell phone, utility, or gym contract they couldn’t get out of. In some cases, this has resulted in people paying for months or even years beyond what their usage is. As operators of a Health Club – we hate it too. There’s nothing worse than hearing from someone who has forgotten to cancel their membership and who has not been coming. Trying to find what can be viewed as a fair solution to this scenario is almost impossible from our standpoint and in many cases we get left with a former customer who is going to say some not very nice things about us to all their friends and family.

We’d like to help eliminate these fears by giving you a few simple tips to ensure this doesn’t happen to you:

1. Use your Gym Membership

We start out with this one first and foremost. Most people who get stuck in this situation have stopped coming to the gym. They are embarrassed and disappointed in themselves or in us and they just want out. However, if you’ve ever cancelled a gym membership at World Health, you’ll notice one of the first questions that manager or representative asked you was, “what happened?” This is normally followed by, “is there any way we can help you get restarted?” World Health staff exist to help you become successful in achieving your goals. Sometimes the easiest way to get results is to simply let them direct you to the programs and services that will allow you to be successful.

2. Read Your Agreement

When you sign up you should receive both an email copy (as long as you’ve given us a valid email) and a hard copy of your agreement. You need to keep these somewhere safe. On the back are a number of terms and conditions to the agreement including how you can cancel your agreement. World Health Month to Month and out of term memberships all have a minimum 30-day cancellation clause. It also stipulates that you can cancel by registered mail or by coming into the club. While in some special situations we will accept other forms of cancellation, the reason we require these two methods is they allow you to receive proof of cancellation (by either receiving a mail receipt or a copy of your cancellation form in the event you came into the club).

3. If You Cancel, Keep a Copy of Your Cancellation Form

This is extremely important. Many people claim to have cancelled but neither the club nor they have any receipt proof of this. It doesn’t happen very often but it has happened before. Cancellation forms have gotten lost in our office. The only way you can prove you did cancel is to show that copy.

4. Check your bank statement

With all the credit card and banking fraud occurring today, everyone should do this anyway. When you see a charge from us this should spur you to book an appointment to come in and see us about your membership. Don’t let these things build up.

Health Clubs are not in the business of screwing people. They are in the business of helping people to achieve their fitness and wellness goals. In the end, they don’t want to see situations where people are paying for memberships they don’t use. In some cases at World Health, we’ve even issued partial credit for unused time to members where we see this occur – so that when you’re ready to come back – you can at least recoup some of the time you may have previously paid for. However, the best way to avoid this is to follow the tips above and most of all, don’t give up on yourself. If you’re not getting the results you’re looking for, ask a World Health representative and let us know how we can help.


  1. Again great informative information

    Thank you

    I hope that I and the other individual that I will be working out with will learn and apply these methods
    I really hope that we will both commit ourselves to a healthy flexible yet consistent routine that works for us both.
    That being said that means really using and getting the most from both of our memberships and experiences.
    That increases our health on all levels as well as lifespan is a realistic expectation.

    They are indeed important in an absolute manner.

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