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As the owner and operator of 9 high-end Health Clubs in the Edmonton area – we hear the same thing day in and day out from our existing members, our newest enrollees and even from people who are still considering joining our club.

“I don’t want to _____________(fill in the blank) until I’m in better shape”.

The (blank) here could be anything. It could be that they don’t want to train with a trainer until they feel they can handle the workouts. It might be they don’t want to step foot in a group exercise class until they can keep up with everyone. Or it COULD even be that they don’t want to show their face (and body) in the gym until they feel they look like they belong there.

As a gym owner – this is royally frustrating!!!! It’s like when my 6-year-old said to me, “Daddy, I don’t want go to school until I have more friends there”. What!??? “Going to school is where you’re going to make friends and besides – YOU DON”T HAVE A CHOICE! If you’re going to learn what you need to learn to be an adult – you have to go. Besides, the process of putting yourself in a situation where you have to figure it out, is in itself, a valuable lesson”.

If it felt like I just inadvertently lectured you – you’re right. I did. If you are waiting for the exact right time to step forth into a health club, or to start working with a fitness professional to help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals – STOP WAITING. The TRUTH IS – the moment you’re waiting for is likely NEVER GOING TO COME. Realistically, what is going to more than likely happen if you continue to wait is that you’ll never get started or in some cases you may try to get there, and fail in such a manner that you’ll never want to try again. Consider this:

At World Health – we see this all the time – people join, don’t book their fitness and nutrition consultations, don’t try our classes or free Team45 sessions and decide they are going to “get fit” first on the treadmill. They run or walk on the treadmill for 30-45 min, 3 times a week and after 3 weeks, their attendance starts to dwindle. Eventually, they stop coming at all and what’s worse: they’re still paying for their membership. This might sound like a GREAT scenario for a club owner but trust me it’s not. Eventually, the member either stops paying, quits or worst of all, pays for a number of months without coming. In all of these scenarios – the member tells between 30-50 people about the terrible experience they had with the gym and warns everyone about what could happen to them if they are to join. World Health = LOSE, Member = Lose! It’s what they call a “LOSE LOSE” Situation.

Guys – if I could ever issue you one piece of advice it’s this: Don’t wait to get the help you need. Whether it’s embarrassment or self-consciousness, caution or even a fear of being sold – just like my 6-year-old, YOU SHOULDN’T GIVE YOURSELF A CHOICE. In order to be a healthy adult, you need to get started today and get the proper professional guidance you need to be successful. After all – it’s a known fact: 90% of people who achieve their fitness and wellness goals have, at some point, taken part in some form of professionally lead programming.

Don’t be the gym hater that never got started properly. Be the person who endeavors to learn as much as possible from as many people as possible that are there to help. And let us be the company we need to help YOU get to where you want to be!

Blake MacDonald

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