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So You Think You Want a Career In The Fitness Industry?

We don’t blame you. Being surrounded by people actively working to make positive changes in their lives is incredibly inspiring and we have a ton of fun. But how do you know if it’s right for you? How do you go about getting a job? And what can you expect once you get there?

Let’s start with the beginning and find out how some of our staff found their way to World Health.

“The fitness industry found me more than I found it. I have been devoted to a lifestyle of weightlifting and good nutrition for many years,” says personal trainer Andrew Coates. “Personal training turned out to be a great fit and a pleasant change from previous unfulfilling and unrewarding jobs.”

Tamera Rude, Fitness Manager, pursued a career in the fitness industry based on the hunch that it would be the best of both worlds- work and play.

“Gym class was my absolute favourite part of the day going to school and I grew up playing competitive hockey right up until I graduated college,” explains Tamera. “So I was no stranger to the exercise aspect of the industry, but in terms of a career I wanted something that was mainly based around social interactions and creating lasting and positive relationships with different people.”

The fitness industry is thriving and diverse with talented individuals needed to fill each spot. One role that often gets overlooked is that of a group fitness instructor, but it’s exactly what inspired Ron McPhee to pursue his career further.

“I started working at a fitness club as an evening receptionist and I’d see members flock to the group exercise room during peak times,” says Ron. “Awesome music, lots of energy, I wanted to be part of it, and after a few classes I wanted to be up on stage!”

When Ron thinks of what makes a great group fitness instructor, he reflects on qualities of the instructor that attracted him to the position in the first place.

“You have to be approachable, upbeat and care about your participants,” says Ron. “The way I look at it, they have booked themselves in their schedules to be in your class and I always appreciate that they have chosen to be with me for this valuable time.”

The fitness industry is a belly to belly business that thrives off of people caring about other people. If you’re passionate about helping others and changing lives, this just might be the industry for you.

Lookout for our next instalment that outlines the different education, training and certification required to excel in the fitness industry!

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