Helping you achieve your goals with

Our Vision:

To inspire and support a better quality of life by providing a welcoming and engaging experience, for the people of our community.

Without support, our goals can sometimes fall off track. All too often, goals are not set in a way that helps ensure the follow-through needed to turn great plans into successful outcomes.

World Health accredits our outstanding dedication to Member Engagement by challenging members in the goal-setting process and helping members face the difficult realities of lasting change. With any goal you want to achieve, you must stick to your fitness plan on a long-term and consistent basis. Optimum fitness isn’t achieved in a day. Optimum fitness and life-changing results are what happen when you put your fitness plan into play, then keep on going.

As a dedicated member of the Greater Edmonton Area, our goal is not only to improve our community but to ensure a better quality of life for community members.

“I appreciate your concern, makes me feel valuable and not just a number. Thank you again for taking the time to hear me out.”

-Meghan M., Clareview

“I really appreciate that you keep in touch with the new members! It definitely keeps me accountable to keep going and workout regularly.”

– Ioana D., Gateway

“Thanks for the updates, I really appreciate them, and it shows world health really cares about its customers.”

-Khaled K., Mayfield

Meet our Manager of Member Engagement

From a very young age, Jabeen has been engaged in health and fitness. At the age of 4, she was playing soccer, and soon after became avidly involved in ball hockey and a variety of other sports. With overarching passions for helping people and promoting a healthy lifestyle, World Health has been a part of her fitness journey for the last 5 years.

Outside of World Health, Jabeen has a Psychology Degree from the University of Alberta and plays for competitive Women’s Soccer and Ball Hockey teams all year round. She also volunteers for the Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board for Edmonton as the Sports Development Member, which allows her to help young children engage in a multitude of sports programs to develop their skills and remain active.

As Manager of Member Engagement, Jabeen is here to support members in reaching their fitness goals when things aren’t going as planned. By checking in and gathering member feedback, she works towards making club improvements and enhancing each member’s fitness journey every time they visit our clubs!

The fitness advice that Jabeen can offer is “you are your best and only competition”. If you set your mind to something, the only obstacle stopping you from achieving it is yourself.