Position: Manager-In-Training

World Health’s Manager-In-Training program will provide candidates with the foundation required to lead one of our facilities. Successful applicants will be hired and work in one of our Fitness Consultant roles while moving through training sessions. These sessions will develop your understanding of World Health’s organizational processes while enhancing your current sales and management abilities – you’ll be given the tools you need to one day manage a World Health Club.

You’ll begin as a Fitness Consultant with one of our clubs while being trained in management proficiencies and practices. Success in this role will be imperative to moving into a management position at the completion of the 6 month Manager-In-Training program. As a Fitness Consultant, your responsibilities will include:

  • Conducting membership sales; bringing new members into our club.
  • Obtain 10 leads on a daily basis via the following techniques:
    • Referrals from existing members
    • Point of Sale Referrals
    • Floor
    • Service calls
    • Off sight
    • Small Businesses
    • Carbon Passes
    • Lead Boxes
  • Convert leads into at least 5 appointments per day and have at least 1 show per day (i.e.: 25 Personally Produced Guests per month).
  • Give sales presentations and tours for both personally produced and walk in guests.
  • Attend sales meetings.
  • Set up, assimilate and follow up on members you sell.
  • Participate in sales training sessions.
  • Participate in special events that may produce new members.
  • Review all paperwork on new members sold for accuracy and completeness.
  • Function within the prescribed work schedule at the club.
  • Provide a professional representation of the club both through action and appearance.
  • Keep sales area neat and orderly.
  • Strive to reach sales goals.
  • Comply with safety, courtesy, and dress policies of the club.
  • Assist in implementing club and company policies and procedures.

As you move through the Manager-In-Training program, successful candidates will be given the opportunity to move into Assistant Manager or General Manager roles. Part of your responsibilities in managing a World Health facility will include:

  • Mentoring, developing, and managing your staff.
  • Building rapport with members, and imparting this skill upon your staff.
  • Meeting monthly and annual sales quotas.
  • Being accountable for the overall performance of your club, your employees, and the satisfaction of your members.
  • Other managerial duties, to be discussed

Successful candidates will be motivated sales professionals with proven experience or success. They will be passionate about fitness and excited to move their career into a management position. They will be excited to join an organization that will support and believe in them, and an environment that will be competitive and rewarding. Requirements include:

  • Proven sales experience or education is considered an asset.
  • Experience in fitness or the fitness industry is considered an asset.
  • The ability to excel in direct sales roles.
  • Expert level written and verbal communication skills.
  • Definitive and efficient decision making abilities.
  • A passion and love for fitness that you firmly believe in sharing with others.

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