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What Is Group Fight?

Group Fight is for anyone wanting a challenging, athletic, and motivating workout. It’s explosive, electric, and thrilling. MMA moves drive a great cardio experience while also strengthening the entire body. It’s a great way to add variety to your training and improve timing, precision, and focus. Plus – it’s a great way to kick stress out of your life!

What Is Involved?

Group Fight borrows movements from boxing, kickboxing, and various martial art disciplines and programs these movements to dynamic music, creating a simple, fun and effective method to workout in groups. The class starts out with a comprehensive warm-up then moves along with specific songs that offer effective sequencing for quick learning and a suitable work-to-rest ratio. The class ends with a stretch and cool down that offers not only physical, but mental and relaxation benefits.

Who is Group Fight For?

Group Fight is for anyone wanting a challenging, athletic, and motivating workout in a realistic time frame.

  • It is great for new exercisers, as you have the ability to adjust the level of the class to suit yourself.
  • Group Fight is great for cross trainers wanting to add variety to their training like timing, precision and focus.
  • Group Fight gets rave reviews from women as it uses the upper body to give great shoulder and arm definition as well as allows them to punch and kick stress out their lives.
  • Men enjoy it because it is about as far from an “aerobics” class as you can get.
How Often Can You Do Group Fight?

Because Group Fight is a cardiovascular training class, you can do it once a week or you can do it most every day. As a beginner to exercise, you wouldn’t want to do too much too soon. As fitness increases, your recovery improves so you can increase your workout frequency.

How Can You Expect To Feel?

Before Class
It is perfectly normal to feel apprehensive and nervous before your first Group Fight class. Once you get your first class out of the way, a lot of the apprehension will disappear. Remember, there is safety in numbers. You will also be amazed at how many others will help you.

During Class
Time will fly! You might experience mixed emotions. Just go with it. Remind yourself that you are new and that you have to start somewhere. It might seem like the class is moving a little faster than you would like, but that is only because the terminology and movements are somewhat unfamiliar. With each class, you will become a little bit more comfortable, and you will notice how much your upper body is working!

After Class
You will be excited to get your first class under your belt. It is important to know that you will be sore. With any new workout or at the start of any exercise program, you experience muscle soreness. This is because your body is adjusting to the demand being placed on your muscles and is perfectly normal.

What To Wear

The most important thing to wear is comfortable workout attire. Most people wear track pants, shorts, and t-shirts. You should feel comfortable enough to move and sweat. Typically, with martial arts based workouts a loose pant is recommended due to the kicking nature of the class. There is a lot of lateral movement in Group Fight, so cross training shoes are recommended as they provide the necessary support.

What To Bring

Bring a towel, a water bottle, and your energy. Some participants eventually purchase some kind of lightweight boxing glove. There is no contact involved, but gloves give people a feeling of authenticity when holding the wrist and fist in the correct position. Gloves are by no means essential, rather a personal choice.

Arrive Early

It is important to arrive 15 minutes before class to meet the instructor. During these 15 minutes, the instructor will ensure that you are comfortable during your first class and answer any questions you may have. The instructor will ask you such questions as:

  • Have you ever exercised?
  • Have you ever participated in group fitness?
  • Do you have any injuries or problems that might affect your ability to participate?
Where To Stand

The best place to stand is within clear view of the instructor. It is not necessary to be at the front, but try to be in the center of the room. It is important to concentrate on the instructor, rather than other participants or the mirrors. He or she is the best source of visual technique information. Mirrors are distracting and sometimes relay unnecessary information. Mirrors might tell you that you look silly doing the moves, even though you might really be having fun. So please ignore them!

How To Approach Your First 3 Classes

It is good to attend your first couple of classes with the simple objective of learning the movements, the class format and the basic terminology used. Try not to concentrate so much on the quality of your workout; that will come later as you become more familiar with the movements. In your first three classes, simply concentrate on the names and objectives of the moves. Foot placement is one of the important things to learn so that you kick safely. Eventually, you will start to concentrate on target zones and focus on your aim while punching and kicking. It is important to note that Group Fight may have a slightly steeper learning curve compared to other programs, such as Group Power. You should try 3-4 classes before making a decision about whether Group Fight is right for you.

Talk To the Instructor

Remember to talk to the instructor after class. For example, let him or her know how you felt and if anything was particularly challenging for you. The instructor will then make recommendations for your next class. Most of all have fun during your first Group Fight experience!

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