Hippie Bowls can Step Up your Food Prep Game

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Hippie bowls are an endlessly customizable one-dish meal for all foodies! They can be made vegetarian, or you can easily add meat proteins to supplement your diet. Standard hippie bowls are half vegetables with the rest divided between grains and legumes (or meat proteins). The basic instructions that will have you indulging in a healthy hippie bowl ASAP are: 1. … Read More

Featured Champion: Chelsea

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When Chelsea was younger, she wasn’t overly concerned with keeping active. She’s the first to tell others that she couldn’t even run for 5 minutes straight. The story of being young, invincible, and disinterested in health is not an uncommon one. It wasn’t until a friend signed Chelsea up for her first spin class about five years ago that she … Read More

We See Champions

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  World Health Edmonton is excited to announce the launch of our new campaign, We See Champions! You may have noticed some changes in our look, our vibe, and how we talk about ourselves. We are still the same World Health that you know and love, we just wanted our marketing to match who we are. So – we’ve amped … Read More

January Joiners

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When it comes to new year’s resolutions, many people choose to start losing weight and begin a more active lifestyle. The new year represents a fresh start and an opportunity to join a workout facility to help accomplish fitness goals. We call these people “January Gym Joiners.” We want to make sure that everyone who has joined a gym (regardless … Read More

How Not to Feel like a Stuffed Turkey this Christmas

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prescription to get active

Who are we to tell you to abstain from indulging in great food, drinks, and relaxation this holiday season? While a very small percentage of the population will be happy to do just that, the reality for the vast majority of us it that Christmas is a time to recuperate. We get to enjoy our favourite comfort foods, have a … Read More


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Okay, there is no way we can solve every problem you’ve ever had but we’re trying to find solutions to the ones that most often stop people from joining the gym. It’s a difficult change and creating new habits can mean overcoming psychological and physical roadblocks. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for you and to make … Read More


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So, you think an everyday walk of the dog and weekend bike rides are enough to maintain the healthy look and feeling you want? Well, you’re somewhat right. The importance of non-structured exercise is important to our overall calorie expenditure and our ability to maintain or improve our overall health.  We all know that a sedentary lifestyle can be detrimental. … Read More