Work out with our fearless pros 6 times in 14 days for just $6!

Your summer bod will thank you. Choose any combination of 6 workouts from the following options:

1. Team45 small group training sessions

Crush an intense workout in 45 minutes alongside a small group of likeminded people.

2. An array of group fitness classes*

Get ready for an hour-long sweat session with a tribe of high-energy members.

*Hot Yoga available at our Mayfield club.

3. Signature trūride cycle classes

Hustle! Move your feet to the beat as you own a workout on the spin bike.

This promotional offer is available for purchase until June 30, 2018. This exclusive trial offer is for non-members and first-time guests only. All 6 sessions must be completed within a 14-day trial period. See club for details.

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No strings, just great vibes.

Come experience the World Health difference as you sweat it out with our pros.

Our trainers are not only some of the best in the biz – they’re passionate about helping you evolve towards your fittest self.

Trainers are fantastic especially one in particular, Otty. He is extremely knowledgeable & genuinely committed to the success of his client’s goals. He makes the sessions challenging, motivating & fun all at the same time*

Gerry R

For a limited time, we’re offering you 6 great workouts for $6. Get acquainted with World Health’s great vibes and lively people.

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